Minimum Tax

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John Beechy, B.A. - Operator of Minimum Tax

A University of Guelph (1993) Bachelor of Arts Graduate & Conestoga College Business Administration & Accounting Diploma Receiptant (2002), I have worked in many different fields and industries. Ranging from a groom at Woodbine Racetrack, a factory worker at Edgar Tool & Die, to a Bar Owner (Randy's Lounge, Brantford) & now a Controller of six CCPCs that operate in the construction industry.

Minimum Tax is one of my small businesses and allows me to work for myself and lay everything on the line for my clients each and everyday. My clients have ranged from correctional officiers, government employees, small business owners, handy men, internet sales, rental property owners, construction subcontractors, Doctors & members of the Canadian Military. 

My tax experience includes over 15 years of working in the field. I have worked for Turf Accounting (Toronto), Liberty Tax (Brantford), Patrick Gabriel, CGA (Grimsby), Accounting & Business Services Inc. (Hamilton) & H & R Block (Simcoe). As well as accounting stints for Dimplex International & The Children's Aid Society of Brant.

I consider myself an highly aggressive accounting consultant that has never lost an audit. (14-0), whether it be an audit dealing with the WSIB or the Canada Revenue Agency.

Community Related Activities

City of Brantford City Council Remuneration Committee: 2005-06. Brantford, Ontario.

Analyze data provided by the City of Brantford and its agents, in an effort to provide an educated assessment regarding the decision of changing the current compensation of the Brantford City Council, the Mayor of Brantford and certain Board(s) member(s).


Conestoga College, Doon Campus, Kitchener, Ontario. - Conestoga Grad Class of 2002

A. 1st Student Representative on Academic Appeal Committee: 2002.

B. Awarded Canadian Securities Award for the Year of 2002 

C. Executive Producer of "Utopia" (a Conestoga College, Food Bank & 88.3FM CJIQ's first 'Live-to-Air' on-campus Dance Party): November 30, 2001.

Conceived as my response to 9/11. "I say No to Bin Laden & Yes to Freedom".

Developed from scratch, the event's proposal & lay-out; sign & handle sponsors, security, and advertising. Recruit staff and co-ordinate their training, duties and schedules. Ensure all CRTC regulations were followed, as well as the standard legal and safety rules of the LCBO.

A great success, "Utopia" was the first 'Doon' on-campus pub to make money for the Conestoga Student Incorporated. As well as donating over 400 non-perishable food items to the Conestoga College Doon Campus Food Bank, every sponsor was happy with their placement at the event. Attending sponsors included by invitation only:

The Canadian Armed Forces (Cambridge Reserve Unit). Came in full uniform and won the pool tournament.

Molson Canadian provided prizes, a Molson Activity Rep and took giveaway photos.

Breakaway Tours provided a 'weekend getaway at New Year's Eve' for a winner & friend.

TD Waterhouse provided prizes.

C. Communications Officer of Computer & Business Student Association (CBSA): 2001-02

D. Radio Personality on 88.3FM CJIQ's 'The Groove', Thursdays, 7-9pm, 2001-02

E. P.A Announcer for 1999 Canadian College Hockey Ontario & National Championships.


City of Guelph, Ontario

A. Cable 8 Sports' play-by-play & colour commentator for high school basketball games 1990-91 District 10.

B. Assistant Coach Centennial HS Sr. Boys Basketball: City Finalists 1991

C. Basketball Ref: local men's leagues, grade school & rotary club.

D. P.A Announcer for Boy's Basketball CWOSSA Championship, District 10 Boy's Basketball Charity Game & Distict 10 Boy's Basketball All-Star Game. 1995


University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario - U of Guelph Graduate Class of 1993

A. Manager, Men's Basketball Team: 1988-1996 (was recruited)

Provide on-call assistance; ensure game day needs are ready; assist in recruiting, marketing, advertising and enlisting volunteer for the program's extra-activities (including tutors & tour guides); promote media and community relations by providing immediate release of Gryphon information - to tv show 'Meet the Gryphs', Guelph Mercury & the student newspaper 'Ontarion'; develop and maintain the video and news library.

Coined the phrase "House of Slam".

Team Achievements: National Finalists 1989 & 1990; Ontario Champs 1990

OUAA West Division Champs 1989, 1990 & 1995.

Awarded Cathy Rowe Memorial Manager/Trainer of the Year for 1989-90

B. Varsity Event Set-up Coordinator W. F. Mitchell Centre 1991

Ensure that all varsity baskeball and volleyball games are set-up safely with all equipment set for use.

C. Sports' Editor, Writer & Photographer for the student newspaper the 'Ontarion'.

52 articles and two photographs published.

D. P.A. Announcer: Women's (36) Men's (16) Varisty Basketball Games

E. OUAA Statistician Fall 1988

F. Athletic Publicity Department Fall 1989 Winter 1990

G. Varisty Event Security Fall 1988 - Winter 1993

H. Intramural Basketball Champs: A League Winter 1993, B League Fall 1991,

Co-ed League Winter 1992

I. Intramural Ref for basketball, softball, football & soccer 1988 - 1995

J. Also: Intramural football 1988-89, Slo-pitch 1988-89.


St. John's College (HS), Branford, Ontario

1. Student Council Executive: Junior Vice 1986, Secretary 1988

2. Sr. Boy's Basketball Public Relations 1986-88

Edit and publish game day program (4 page/8 sided magazine) for all boy's basketball home games. Recruit volunteers and sign sponsors.




The Key to this Business is Personal Relationships.

"I don't give a dam about an audit (tax), they just better not win (the IRS)." - Avery Tolar of The Firm, as portrayed by Gene Hackman speaking to Tom Cruise.