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Auditing Services: To Prepare for CRA, WSIB or Internal Review.

My auditing skills can support and manage your internal auditing process to ensure superior audits that provide real value to your company or organization, as well as provide a continued conformance to standard requirements.

You can't audit yourself and that is when I come in and remove any conflict of interest. This allows for a completely independent review of the management system as well.

The end result is a independent professional approach of auditing your processes and providing you the feedback that is consistent with best industry practices.

The Audit Services include:

1. Creation of an internal audit plan.

2. Define Internal Audit Frequency - monthly, quarterly, annually.

3. Establish an Audit Schedule & communicate to senior management.

4. Perform internal audits to ensure compliance to the applicable standard.

5. Issuance of Corrective Action & Subsequent follow-up activities.

6. Development of the Audit Report for senior management including a SWOT analysis.

Strengths, Weaknesses/Limitations, Operations & Threats.

7. Provide a Best Industry Practices to be employed by your organization/business.

8. Provide recommendations for continual improvement and operational improvement.

9. Attend management review meetings and provide feedback to top management.