Minimum Tax

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Personal Taxes & FAQs

 What to do before you come to the office to complete your taxes...

1. Current address & phone number

2. All correct spelling of you, your spouse, your children and any other dependants. Also include their date of births.

3. Any children over 18 yrs old should file their tax return, so that once their 19th birthdat occurs, they will receive an HST credit cheque.

4. If any of your children or dependants went to college or university in the past calendar year - remember to bring the T2200A from the college or university.

5.Gather all your tax information slips = such as T4, T4A, T3, T5, donations (must have the CRA website on the donation slip), T4RSP, etc. (if you are not sure email me and I will let you know ([email protected]).

6.A copy of your last year's notice of assessment (from CRA).

7. The amount you paid in property tax in the calendar year (on main residence only), rent (main residence only), safety deposit box, taxable support payments made or received, all payments for health (that was not reimbursed by work).

8. Include all rental property income and expenses.

9. Include all business/professional income and expenses.

10. Include any day care or babysitting expenses paid. As well as any payments made for your child's fitness, arts/culture & public transit purchases.

11. Student loan interest - not line of credit interest.

12. Notices of Income Tax Instalments paid.