Minimum Tax

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Rates & Services

Personal Tax Return (non business) $50. Includes all T4s, T3s, T5s, Tax-credit slips, medical expenses, investment slips, tutition slips. Basically any and all slips, as long as there is no small business or rental property involved in the tax return.


Small Business Tax Return (includes personal tax return) $100 per business.                 For example: Joe has a rental property & plumbing business as part of his personal tax return. Joe would pay $200 for the filing of the two businesses with his personal return included in that price. This rate does not include the legwork through receipts & statements, that may be necessary. Refer to accounting hourly rates below. I ask that a $200 downpayment / retainer be provided, prior to starting the work.


Corporate Tax Returns - Canadian - Federal & Provincial Returns $2000/yr (non-NIL returns). Rate doesn't include the legwork to determine the financial statements or the analysis/review of financial statements. I ask All Corporate Accounts be opened with a $500 downpayment / retainer, prior to starting the work.


Not-for-Profit Tax Returns - CDN - Federal & Provincial Returns $500/yr (non-NIL returns). Rate doesn't include the legwork to determine the financial statements or the analysis/review of financial statements. However, hourly rate is discounted by half ($12.50/hr). An exchange of services can be arranged with no currency exchange. No downpayment or retainer is required.


Corporate Tax Returns - Canadian - NIL / no activity / inactive companies $200. This price includes the tax returns prepared along with financial statements / GIFIs. No receipts.


Accounting services: Expense determination, receipt tabulation, data-entry into accounting software, Financial Statement(s) creation, reviews/opinions/business consultation & audit-proofing services. $25/hr with minimum hourly charge.


Auditing: Having prepared for CRA, WSIB & internal audits, I can provide your company with a trained third party audit, that will support and manage the internal auditing process to ensure continued conformance to standard requirements. The main benefit of having me audit your internals is that it removes any conflict of interest with concerned parties (i.e. you can't audit yourself). Please refer to the Audit info Page on this website. Hourly rate applies. 


Payroll preparation includes payroll slips for company & employee

$25/ 1 to unlimited number of employees/paycheque period

Source deduction remittance determination $50/reporting period

HST filing (not including receipt determination & hourly rate) $100/form of reporting period (monthly, quarterly, annually)

WSIB remittance $50/form of reporting period (monthly, quarterly, annually)

T4 Summaries & WSIB Reconciliation $100/each, includes the T4s & ROE preparation 

 T5018 summary & slips $100, includes slips preparation

Anti-violence & harrassment in the workplace & policy and procedures (mandated by Ontario) adjusted to your business. Best price available anywhere $200.


Does your company, business or not-for-profit need a constitution or mission statement? Cut rate price $200.


Business Analysis: Do you think your business needs a second objective look, before the next expansion or just in case? After a full review of your financial statements including cash flow, how to minimize employee expenses and on-going debt/payables, I can provide you with an updated viewpoint that will help you make the next big decision. All Minimum Tax clients that already use our business services receive this as part of this package. Otherwise, a one time rate of $100.


Prepay & retain my services and receive a special hourly rate discount.

Normal hourly rate is $25/hr.

Prepay $1000 and receive 45 hrs (5 free hours = $125 savings)

Prepay $2000 and receive 100 hrs (20 free hours = $1000 savings)

Prepay $3000 and receive  150 hrs  (30 free hours = $750 savings)

Prepay $4000 and receive 200 hrs (40 free hours = $1000 savings)

Prepay $5000 and receive 250 hrs (50 free hours = $1250 savings)

Prepayments/retainers do not cover cost of filing forms or remittances, only hourly services.


Initial consultation is free.

Fax charges & postage are extra.